The Independent Battery outlets control 50% of the DIFM (do it for me) battery market. This represents a major opportunity for the Battery Hub franchisees to exploit this segment.

The Battery Hub Franchise is a specialist battery outlet that is equipped to take advantage of this opportunity in the DIFM battery market.

The Battery Hub is a standalone franchise that can be located on separate premises or in conjunction with an existing operation.

The Battery Hub Franchise requires an additional non-refundable licence fee and thereafter a monthly advertising and marketing contribution. This will be determined in conjunction with you on application for the franchise.

The marketing effort for the Battery Hub Franchise includes television, print media and participation in national promotions.
Our objective is to grow this franchise and gain a significant market share. You surely want to be part of this process to reap the benefits of a franchise within AAAS.

The Battery Hub Franchise will offer batteries in the following areas:
• Passenger vehicles
• Heavy duty
• Marine
• Motorcycle
• Utility